Lost Socks and Other Random Things

Ever notice how you always end up with an odd number of socks coming out of the dryer. We put them on as a pair, we dirty them as a pair and they go in the washing machine as a pair but emerge from the dryer as a single. I’m not sure why the toll for clean clothes costs exactly one sock, but it is one of those random things that we as humans tend to overlook for the good of our sanity.

Take for example the pigeon. These trash can scavengers are everywhere, literally, but when was the last time you saw a baby pigeon? Never!

Among other random things is the unpredictability of Ohio weather. Our state is the mecca for the most seasons crammed in one month. Just take March for example. We had early summer weather in the mid 60’s, snow and ice and even a period of typically wet Spring.

Whereas the weather is one of those things we can’t control we can shed a little light on its randomness. Register for the “All About Weather” program at the Amelia Branch library on Saturday, April 20th from 2:00 – 3:00 for a chance to talk with Fox 19 meteorologist Katy Morgan. All ages are welcome at this event, but space is limited so register early!

Now onto the mystery of pigeons

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