Fashion Forward Fall!


Summer has finally reached its end and now it is time to start getting up early, riding that horrid yellow-orange bus, and stepping foot into crowded halls full of students. Most of you will be zombie-like and nearly late to every class (since the bells always give you plenty of time to get thereā€¦). The least you can do is walk into class fashionable and fierce!

When I was in school, especially high school and college, I always tried to look presentable at the beginning of the year. I was an avid Hot Topic/Salvation Army shopper and I always tried to make my outfit as interesting as possible. Many of you are bringing the 80s back full force with half shirts, skinny bright colored jeans and tights, and crazy cool accessories that pull the look together. Here are a few books that can help you ready your school wardrobe and feel fashion-tastic throughout the entire school year!

The Wow Factor: insider style secrets for every body and every budget

Glamour’s Big Book of Dos and Don’ts

The Teen Vogue Handbook

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