Steampunk Books – A Good Place to Start

leviathan In a few weeks, the first ever LibrariCon  takes place.  A night of science fiction, anime, belly dancing, tribal music, and *steampunk!*

You’ve never read any steampunk?  Slip on a pair of goggles and pick up one of these action, dirigible, and corset packed books.

What makes a book steampunk? Usually, the story is set in an alternate world, similar to ours but one where steam and aether power machines and automatons instead of electricity from gas or nuclear power. It’s a world of airships, scientific discoveries, exploration,  and goggles. Steampunk stories often take place during the Victorian Era so there’s time for tea and cakes in between fighting off dirigible pirate attacks with your aether ray gun while wearing the latest steel corsetry.

The LibrariCon is Saturday, Oct. 19 at the Union Township Branch. It starts afterhours at 6pm.

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