6 Word Memoir Contest Closed


The winner of the 6 Word Memoir contest is (drum roll, please)….

“I have something to fight for.”


Choosing the best 6 Word Memoir was extremely difficult and our panel of judges felt that there were more than a few 6 word memoirs that deserved some extra attention (in which we give them the undeniably wonderful prize of being mentioned on the blog – don’t you feel famous!).

These 6 Word Memoirs have grabbed the award for best confidence. You’re awesome, but you already know that don’t you.

“Way too amazing for six words.”

“I am the most awesome kid.”

“I am a very smart girl.”

“I can write very good memoirs.”


The following 6 Word Memoirs are nominated for the deepest and most soul searching. You don’t need a prize – your prize is speaking what’s in your heart.

“I am simply striving for success.”

“Better to feel pain than nothing.”

“Your yesterday will mirror my tomorrow.”

“Life goes on, no matter what.”

“I am unashamed of the Gospel.” (Romans 1:16)


This honorable mention goes to the two memoirs that mentioned books. (We are librarians, after all.)

“Great books can keep me flying.”

“Dogs art nails shoes books friends”


Finally this mention goes to the 6 Word Memoir that made us giggle. We don’t know what it’s about (other than Kevin Bacon), but we liked it anyway!

“bacon bacon bacon bacon Kevin Bacon.”

                If you didn’t see your 6 Word Memoir on this post, have no fear your chance for fame and glory will come again. Our Teen Writing Contest is happening now, but you only have until October 31st to submit your 1,000 word short story. If your 6 words were awesome, just imagine how awesome 1,000 could be.





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