One City, One Symphony: A Cincinnati Symphony Listening Party!



Are you a modern day Bach? Do you rock ruffles and carry a violin with you where ever you roam? Maybe your top 25 on your iPod consists of Romantic, Classical, and Baroque pieces?

CCPL has great news for you!

Union Township will be hosting a listening party with the Cincinnati Symphony! These listening parties are all the rage for anyone who wants to share their love for music. You attend, you listen, and you enjoy with other musical minds. A CSO staff member will play recorded selections of these masterpieces and then lead a discussion, building upon our understanding of the music through this awesome event. In other words: Be there or be square!

To sign up quick, click HERE! :)


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My name is Amanda and I have been with Clermont County Public Library for a little over a year now. I am the system Library Assistant Floater, which means I work at all 10 CCPL branches whenever they have a need. I enjoy listening to young adult fiction books on CD while I drive and I have a special place in my heart for sci-fi, fantasy, and dystopian novels. I play Skyrim and I take care of my two dogs, Sunny and Ollie, during my free time. Writing is a passion of mine and I enjoy sharing what I read with others.
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