Have a Smart Thanksgiving!


We all know the drill. You get up early Thanksgiving Day and you start with some large greasy version of a turkey and pack it full of butter before shoving it into the oven for half a day. Then you make a bunch of sides that are packed with tons of calories and the pumpkin pie (homemade or Frisches bought) is topped with whipped cream. For the rest of the evening you spend your time stuffing your face and watching football until you pass out from a self-induced food coma.

This sounds like a great time, but maybe this year you can spend it in a healthier way at the 104th Annual Thanksgiving Day Race in Downtown Cincinnati. For those who are newly interested in marathons and running, Running a Marathon for Dummies is a good book to start with. You could also volunteer and help feed others at the Fall Feast in Cincinnati this year.  If you would like to help volunteer for charitable events and learn more about volunteering, here are some books that can help.

If you would rather spend this Thanksgiving in a traditional, but healthy way then try a few cookbooks that offer healthier options for you and your family.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!




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