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International Games Day is November 16th and as a tribute to this most important day I am counting down the ten best video and computer games according to my team of self-admitted library geeks.

#10: The Sims

This super addictive computer game has you keeping track of avatars while your own life drifts helplessly into neglect. Players are expected to feed, put to bed, and entertain their Sims to keep them happy.

#9: Just Dance


Whoever said that playing video games meant sitting on your butt all day? Whoever they are they never played Just Dance. This video game requires players to get up and shake their groove thing in a sometimes competitive dance off with friends.

#8: Halo


I’ll admit I haven’t played this game too much, but my team of self-admitted library geeks says it’s to die for. War games have always been popular among teens who just want to sit back, relax and blow stuff up.

#7: Final Fantasy


Which one you ask? All of them. This gaming series started off as a Nintendo cartridge game (yep, we’re talking old school before it was cool) and morphed into an online gaming experience. If you’re like me you fell in love with the PlayStation versions. This game woos players with vivid storylines, turn based fighting and mini-quests galore.

#6: Grand Theft Auto


Accused of being a bad influence on teens, Grand Theft Auto snags the #6 spot. Sure all of us have daydreamed about stealing a car and causing ridiculous amounts of damage to a well known city, but we all know it’s illegal and wrong, right. Right?

#5: Minecraft


Never before have pixels been so cool. Minecraft was one of the first games to hit it big on tablets and IPads across the nation. The best part about this game is the versatility, thus earning it the #5 award.

#4: Zelda


This game has been around for years and has gone through several renovations. The creators haven’t disappointed fans. Each new game is a different world and a different quest, but still holds references to the original we all know and love. My only question is; why is it called Legend of Zelda when Link does all the work?

#3: World of Warcraft


This is another game I haven’t played, but have heard a lot about. Seriously, you would have to be living under a rock not to know about it. From what I understand this game plays a lot like Dungeons and Dragons where you pick your character’s class and race (elf, thief, dwarf, mage, ect.) then battle or complete quests to gain experience and level up.

#2: Super Mario Brothers


This game rocks. Enough said.

And the number one spot goes to….PAC-MAN!


Disagree with me if you like, but this arcade game was responsible for inspiring all those game creators out there. Without their wasted hours and money at the arcade the video game culture wouldn’t be what it is today. Pay some respect to your elders and give it up for PAC-MAN.




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