Get Your Game On


International Games Day is November 16th and as a tribute to this most important day I am counting down the ten best video and computer games according to my team of self-admitted library geeks.

#10: The Sims

This super addictive computer game has you keeping track of avatars while your own life drifts helplessly into neglect. Players are expected to feed, put to bed, and entertain their Sims to keep them happy.

#9: Just Dance

Whoever said that playing video games meant sitting on your butt all day? Whoever they are they never played Just Dance. This video game requires players to get up and shake their groove thing in a sometimes competitive dance off with friends.

#8: Halo

I’ll admit I haven’t played this game too much, but my team of self-admitted library geeks says it’s to die for. War games have always been popular among teens who just want to sit back, relax and blow stuff up.

#7: Final Fantasy