Eat Well and Be Fit for Summer!

School is out for summer!

Now, you can either fill the next three months with junk food binge eating and video games (because video games are awesome) -OR- you could start working on eating healthy and getting fit, which in turn will help the body and the brain get ready for the next school year.

There are plenty of books and blogs out there that can help you find your workout niche and the perfect diet as well (like the chocolate diet…I am sure that is good for you). The best way to figure out what routine will fit into your lifestyle is to visit your local library and check out some books on the subject.

You can find a few -> here. <-

If you are interested in getting started quickly, here is a great link to the men’s and women’s health magazine website. The Fit for Life Summer Challenge is a great start for those wishing for the basics.

Have fun this Summer!


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