Divergent Contest

DivergentTriviaICON_SYSThe Divergent series follows Tris, a young girl coming of age in a futuristic dystopian society where your future is determined by which faction you choose. There is the Abnegation who are selfless, the Dauntless known for their bravery, the Erudite who seek only truth, Amity the peaceful and Candor who believe honesty is most important. But there is another choice which embodies two or more of the factions and is thought to be taboo in Tris’s world. Tris is Divergent.

What Faction would fit you the best? Take our Divergent Quiz to find out what you know about the Factions. The winner will receive a new copy of the Divergent DVD! Take the quiz as many times as you’d like during the month of July then leave a comment with your faction here. We’ll choose one person, at random, in August after the release of the Divergent DVD. Contest is open to anyone 11-17.



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