What’s it all about?

This is a blog to let you know about new and upcoming stuff like books, music, and movies @ the library. Lists of books that you might not know about. Alerts about upcoming happenings @ the library. Polls. And a chance for you to tell us what you think.


  • Daniel Blodgett says:

    I read a book in the left behind series called Attack on Petra #33 it is about the rapture in the Bible and earth’s last days. It is about their fight against the antichrist and for peoples souls as the antichrist forces people to take his mark forever marking them to hell and if you don’t off goes the head! I highly reccomend this book written Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins.

  • kayla abrams says:

    i lisned to the cd beyonce i am– sasha fierce and i like it a lot onr of my faverit songes is called if i were a boy

    union township clermont county public library

  • lauren bishop says:

    im doing this legendary summer reading program, and i am really confused on where to find the blog for recycling. comment if you kno how plz thx.

    • Laura Laura says:

      Hi Lauren,
      A database that you can find articles about recycling on is GreenFile. After you read an article, or do any of the other activities, just make a comment here and you’ll be entered into the prize drawings.

  • Savannah Spangler says:

    I listened to music on the radio.

  • Savannah Spangler says:

    I watched the movie “Shrek forever after”

  • Savannah Spangler says:

    I finished reading the book “Diary of a wimpy kid”

  • Savannah Spangler says:

    My dream vacation would be to go the Bahamas, so I could swim in the ocean again, waterskii, and snorkel. I could live on the beach for awhile. It would be really fun.

  • Savannah Spangler says:

    listen to a cd – miranda lambert

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