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Need some help on your required reading?

After finishing the fabulous Theatre Illuminata Trilogy, I realized I was a little rusty on my plays.  A lot of the books I’ve read l [...]

Up Close and Hilarious

Movies today seem to be chalk full of meaningful close-ups. You know the ones. They are usually pasted up on the screen following a bit of d [...]

Making Waves Finished

Thanks to everyone who participated in the summer reading program.  You guys totally amazed and impressed me with all of your reviews and c [...]

Make Waves @ Your Library Part Deux

Take part in our summer reading program by showing us your artistic side. Make a comment here sharing some creative writing and get entered [...]

Make Waves @ Your Library

Take part in our summer reading program by telling us what you think. Make a comment here reviewing a book, magazine, CD or movie and get en [...]
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