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July Meeting of the Genealogical Society

An especially trying area of research for most genealogists is locating information on the women in the family tree. Prior to the middle 1800’s, women were considered part of the husband/father’s property. Indeed, many articles refer to women as “elusive”, “a special problem”, or “less important than livestock” at certain times in history, especially due […]

4 free resources to help write your best resume ever

Writing a resume can feel overwhelming since it’s what makes your first impression on a potential employer. Whether you’re a recent grad or someone looking for a new job, we have resources to help you write your best resume. Free Online Tools Check out the online resource  Testing and Education Reference Center. First, you’ll need […]

Five Fantasy Books You Should Have Read

There is a classic fantasy book (which shall remain nameless) that has been on my reading list for years. As a diehard fan of the fantasy genre, I always felt a little guilty for not reading one of the most popular fantasy novels ever written. So this weekend I sat down and prepared myself for […]

6 Awesome & Simple Ways to Help Kids Learn to Read

As a parent, you’re incredibly busy. You know how important it is to prepare your child to read but fitting in one more thing, even such an important one, can feel overwhelming. I have good news! You’re already helping your child get ready to read without even knowing it. Before they learn how to read, […]

Miami Township Branch update

The Miami Township Library is changing every day. The roof is going on, duct work is being installed and a few walls are in place. For more photos of the work being done, visit the library’s Facebook page.

The new facility is expected to open in March 2018. Read some facts about the new building. The staff members at the Clermont County Public Library are looking forward to being a part of this community hub in Miami Township. Watch our website, Facebook page and Twitter feed for construction updates.