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Adult Audiobooks for Young Adults

School is back in session and you’re looking for a book not on your assigned reading list, the library has you covered with a selection of adult audiobooks for young adults! Another Brooklyn by Jacqueline Woodson A story that depicts August and her three friends as the come of age in Brooklyn in the 1960s […]

We Talk About Mysteries

This week we’re talking about mysteries. Specifically, mysteries that remind us of Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl. We’re talking full on darkness, intricate plot twists and surprise endings. Subscribe to our Podcast Don’t miss an episode. Subscribe: iTunes | Google Play | Stitcher | RSS Rate our podcast! Click on that iTunes button and give us […]

7 Fabulous Ways to Repurpose an Old Book

 You’re a total booklover. You read books. Buy books. Check out books from the library. Do you have piles of old books stashed in the attic, garage or basement? The ones without covers. The ones that got dropped in a puddle or the bathtub. As a booklover, you hate to throw out a book but […]

Booklovers Podcast Episode 5: Romance

  August is Read a Romance Month so that’s what we’re talking about during this episode. Enjoy a steamy historical, zany supernatural or contemporary hijinx. Don’t miss an episode. Subscribe: iTunes | Google Play | Stitcher | RSS Please rate, review and share our podcast! Download the Libby app and get instant access to thousands […]

Miami Township Branch update

Construction of the Miami Township Branch Library and Administrative Offices on Buckwheat Road are progressing nicely. The building is under roof, walls are going up and you can see the tower that will house the quiet reading room. This building will actually serve a dual purpose when it opens next spring. The front portion, about 60 percent of the building, will be the Library, the rest of the building will be administration.

Library administration and its support departments, currently housed as part of the Batavia and Owensville facilities, will be moving to Miami Township. You might not be aware that we have support departments and you may be interested to learn they are the unsung heroes of library operations. For a brief description about the departments to give you an idea of what it takes to run a library system, please click here.

We know the new library will have something for everyone and we are excited to share it with all Miami Township and Clermont County residents.