Welcome to 3 For Me.

The Clermont Count Public Library wants the children of Clermont County to have access to books. Welcome to the 3 For Me library card! It’s a special card offered to students in elementary, middle and high schools throughout the county.

It allows access to a wealth of books, both in print and digital, that can be used to complete homework assignments as well as foster a love of reading. This graph includes the materials available to be checked out using the 3 For Me library card.

Books that can be checked out on 3 For Me cardYouthTeen
Picture books, beginning readers, juvenile fiction and graphic novelsYesYes
Juvenile magazines and Listen & ReadsYesYes
Young adult fiction and graphic novelsNoYes
Adult fiction and adult graphic novelsNoNo
Juvenile nonfictionYesYes


A 3 For Me library card allows a student to borrow up to 3 books from the library.   When the student returns one of the items borrowed, he or she can borrow another one. There are no limits to the amount of checkouts using our digital collections.

3 For Me cards are fine free – no fines will be charged if a student is a bit late returning an item. Plus, students don’t have to worry about a card that can’t be used because of unpaid fines or fees.

If you have any questions, please call the branch library nearest you. Our librarians are happy to help.

For Teachers: This page contains PDFs of the 3 For Me program materials you can download if additional copies are needed.