7 Tips to get the most out of summer reading

7 Tips to get the most out of summer reading

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We have tips for you to maximize the summer reading experience with your kids.

1. Model reading to your kids. Kids, who see the adults in their lives reading regularly, are more likely to also read every day.

2. Make a point to place books and magazines in places that kids may be bored. For example, place a bag or box of books in your car. They can read on long trips or just when you’re driving around town.

3. Make reading enjoyable. Allow kids to what interests them. It’s fine if they want to read magazines, graphic novels, comics or materials other than traditional chapter books.  In the summer, reading should be more leisurely. Don’t place too many rules about what your kids read.  It’s okay to encourage them in a certain direction but allow them a broad range of reading material.

4. Read with and to your kids. Even after kids can read on their own, it’s beneficial for you to read to them.  It’s valuable bonding time that allows kids to enjoy stories that may be above their independent reading level.  Sharing a story with kids exposes them to vocabulary and more complex stories than they may be reading on their own.  Shared reading, taking turns reading to one another, is another way to increase your kids confidence in their reading and makes reading lengthier material seem less daunting.

5. Get your kids hooked on a series. There are many series to choose from and once they find a series they enjoy, they will be eager to keep reading to find out what happens in next.

6. Take time to make real world connections to the books your kids are reading. When you plan a trip, find a book that takes place in or explores that area.  Visit local parks, museums and other attractions that have a tie in to books your kids are reading. One great resource to extend activities that tie in with reading is startwithabook.org This website, published by Reading Rockets, is full of great information for parents and educators.  There are 24 different themes to choose from. In each theme, there are suggested reading lists for ages 3-6, 6-9 and 9-12.  They offer suggestions for hands-on activities, writing prompts, websites and mobile apps that tie into each theme.

7. Join 1000 Books Before Kindergarten. This program is for children ages 0-5. Read 1000 books to your child before they enter kindergarten, log them, and receive a ribbon or an incentive for every 100 books read.  Easy to join – visit any Clermont County Public Library location and you will receive a tote bag and your first logging sheets.  Don’t forget to log them with summer reading too!


Summer reading is more than logging minutes read. Get the most out of it with our tips! Sign up now!

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