Author: Meg MacMillan


Level Up with These Books for Gamers

There is nothing quite like mastering a level on your favorite video game. Usually the thrill of winning is something that takes weeks of playing and planning, but these books will give you that same sense of video game triumph in half the time. Check out these five books for gamers. 1.) Ready Player One […]


Five Fantasy Books You Should Have Read

There is a classic fantasy book (which shall remain nameless) that has been on my reading list for years. As a diehard fan of the fantasy genre, I always felt a little guilty for not reading one of the most popular fantasy novels ever written. So this weekend I sat down and prepared myself for […]


5 Reasons We Should Be Hobbits

 In honor of Hobbit Day on September 22nd, I’ve created a list of five reasons why we should all strive to be more like hobbits. 1.) Hobbits live longer. According to the LOTR Wiki the average lifespan of a male hobbit is 100 years, with the oldest hobbit living to about 133 (Unless you count […]


Art or Junk?

Many of us creative types have to overcome a sense of paranoia about our own work. Is it good enough? Who am I kidding? No one will ever like this! Mom was right I should have gotten a real job! Sometimes facing the blank page or empty canvas can be like climbing a mountain in […]


Brace Yourself – NaNoWriMo is Coming

Ah, November. It’s the month of turkeys and family gatherings, of early morning shopping and half-priced televisions. It is also the month where writers accomplish in 30 days what normally takes years. Oh, yes. It’s National Novel Writing Month or more affectionately called NaNoWriMo. Writers approach NaNoWriMo with a mixture of trepidation and excitement. They […]


10 Best Books to Keep Kids Up at Night….Reading

Your bedroom is pitch black. The closet light is off. All you have to protect yourself is a tiny flashlight and a paperback book. Will the boogieman get you? Probably not if you’re reading one of these 10 best books to keep kids up at night, but we offer no guarantees. Books for Night Reading […]


5 Books Scarier Than Their Movies

Looking for a chill? Check out this list of books that are far scarier than their movies! “The charm of horror only tempts the strong,”  Jean Lorrain.  It by Stephen King. This novel, written in 1986 and adapted to film in 1990, is probably the biggest contributor to the “scary clown” trend. The book trumps the […]


Back to School

What is the most important back to school supply for your child? A library card of course! A library card from the Clermont County Public Library grants your student access to thousands of dollars worth of books, movies and music. Does your student need to catch up on their summer reading? Looking to hit that […]



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