You’ll love these 7 fantastic fun board games

You’ll love these 7 fantastic fun board games

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Board games are awesome. I have spent countless weekends with family and friends playing a variety of games. Pandemic is one of my favorites, in part because its cooperative play, meaning that my friends and I all play on a team and try to beat the game together. I am also a huge nerd, and have a love of books, anime, comics, TV series like “Stranger Things”, and movies.

On November 3, 2018, we will be hosting our annual Librari*Con which celebrates geek and fandom culture at the Union Township Branch Library. While you wait, check out some of my favorite geeky fandom board games inspired by, what else, books!

Board games inspired by books

  1. Ankh-Morpork and Witches: both of these games have been inspired by Terry Pratchet’s beloved Discworld. Each features the characters from Discworld and contains the elements and laughs that can be found in the series.
  2. Shahrazad: created to evoke the talents of the storyteller from 1001 Arabian nights is a tile game, in which by using the 22 fairy tale tiles you must construct a story, that makes sense. Otherwise you will feel the wrath of the sultan.
  3. Sheriff of Nottingham: based on Howard Pyle’s Robin Hood, you are a shopkeeper trying to smuggle in illegal goods to sell. Can you get past the sheriff?
  4. A Study in Emerald: a short story by the same name was written by Neil Gaiman. In this game there are two secret teams. You are either a Restorationist or a Loyalist. You need to pay attention to the fellow players though, because one wrong move could mean your team loses.
  5. 221 B Baker Street: named after the home of Sir Arthur Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. There are many Holmes games, and this is one of my favorites. You stroll through the streets and alleys of London picking up clues and try to solve the case before time runs out.
  6. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle: based on J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter Like Holmes and Lovecraft a great number of games have been inspired by this series. I went with this one, in part- because it’s the most recent,  and in part because it’s a cooperative game. In Hogwarts Battle, four students must build decks to protect the castle and hopefully stop the forces of evil.
  7. Eldritch Horror and Arkham Horror: both games feature cooperative play and are based off of the worlds and monsters of H.P. Lovecraft. You must try and solve the mystery before the Ancient One rises.

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Nicole is one of the floaters for CCPL. Some of her favorite authors are Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. When she isn't reading, she enjoys knitting, walking her dog and playing games.She also loves fun and colorful socks.

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