Early literacy


Kindergarten Readiness: Writing Skills

It's important to help your child gain kindergarten readiness skills! Writing goes hand-in-hand with reading and both skill help children make the connection between spoken language and information communication. Did you know that "pre-writing" is an important step on the way to learning to write?  Practicing fine motor skill development through pre-writing activities helps children [...]

Prepare your Child for Success as a Reader

Help your child become aware of and comfortable with books and language. You’re getting them ready to learn to read! It’s never too early to prepare your child for success as a reader. Research shows that children who are read to from an early age have a larger vocabulary, have better language skills when they […]


Get Ready for Kindergarten Month

Updated from an August 2015 post. August is back to school time for kids and their parents. Kindergarteners are a special group since they’re making that trip for the first time. We’re sharing ideas and resources to help your kids get ready for kindergarten. According to the Ohio Department of Education, “children need to be […]


6 Awesome & Simple Ways to Help Kids Learn to Read

As a parent, you’re incredibly busy. You know how important it is to prepare your child to read but fitting in one more thing, even such an important one, can feel overwhelming. I have good news! You’re already helping your child get ready to read without even knowing it. Before they learn how to read, […]


It’s Time for Kindergarten!

Soon the sweltering sunniness of summer will give way to cool, crisp days, a colorful cacophony of leaves, and the smell of bonfires in the evening air. For some, the end of summer will herald the beginning of a new phase of childhood — schoolchild. Ready or not, here comes Kindergarten! How do you, as a parent, deal with […]

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