Cosplay 101

Our annual Librari*Con is just around the corner.  Celebrate geek culture at the library by dressing up as part of your favorite fandom. Enter our cosplay contest! What is Cosplay? The term “cosplay” originally comes from Japan and often refers to wearing costumes based on anime or manga characters, but these days it can mean just […]

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Level Up with These Books for Gamers

There is nothing quite like mastering a level on your favorite video game. Usually the thrill of winning is something that takes weeks of playing and planning, but these books will give you that same sense of video game triumph in half the time. Check out these five books for gamers. 1.) Ready Player One […]

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Make yourself a Maker…

Ah, the summer. The temperature is warmer, the kids are home, sandals are in vogue and it’s time for the Clermont County Public Library’s Maker Festival.  The Maker Festival is a family-friendly showcase of science, technology, innovation and all things creative. For instance, different local makers will show off their creations and demonstrate their skills. […]


It’s Time for Kindergarten!

Soon the sweltering sunniness of summer will give way to cool, crisp days, a colorful cacophony of leaves, and the smell of bonfires in the evening air. For some, the end of summer will herald the beginning of a new phase of childhood — schoolchild. Ready or not, here comes Kindergarten! How do you, as a parent, deal with […]

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February is for the Birds: National Bird Feeding Month

The spring thaw is on the horizon. Mankind isn’t the only species glad to see warmer weather, many species of birds will be happy, too. The wild birds in your backyard use a lot of their energy staying warm during the winter so finding enough food to fuel them is a constant struggle. In 1994, […]


Art or Junk?

Many of us creative types have to overcome a sense of paranoia about our own work. Is it good enough? Who am I kidding? No one will ever like this! Mom was right I should have gotten a real job! Sometimes facing the blank page or empty canvas can be like climbing a mountain in […]

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