Level Up with These Books for Gamers

There is nothing quite like mastering a level on your favorite video game. Usually the thrill of winning is something that takes weeks of playing and planning, but these books will give you that same sense of video game triumph in half the time. Check out these five books for gamers. 1.) Ready Player One […]

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DIY Leather Bracelet

Looking for a fun and easy craft? Try this simple leather bracelet! Simply Knot an Average Leather Bracelet Instructions Tools: Flat Nose Jewelry Pliers Sharp Scissors to cut cord Materials: Round Leather Cord, any thickness (I used 1.5 mm) 2 Fold Over Cord Ends 2 Jump Rings Lobster Claw Clasp   The first task is […]


Unplugging in a Device-Free Zone

Unplug? Go without cell phone/computer/internet/movies/television/music/games? Why would I want to do that? It’s not like it’s addictive or harmful for me. Or is it? The ongoing unplugged movement, which celebrates face-to-face human interaction and communing with the physical world, or meatspace, as opposed to cyberspace or a virtual environment, suggests it is healthy to get […]

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