Explore our delicious new resource: A to Z World Food

close up of foodReady to change things up in your regular recipe lineup? Discover recipes from around the world using A to Z World Food. This digital cookbook lets you explore recipes and food culture from around the world with just a tap on your screen.

Let’s get started!

  1. Visit the library’s website
  2. On the top menu bar, go to eLibrary
  3. Go to All databases/eResources
  4. Click A to Z World Food

From there, the information is separated into:

  • Food culture and recipes
  • Ingredients
  • Reference

Let’s explore those.

Food culture and recipes

Find countries on the map or in the alphabetical list. For each country, you get an overview of its cuisine, popular dishes and drinks with recipes, daily meals, and dining etiquette.

By random clicking, I chose the Czech Republic and now I’m positive that I need to make Bramborová Polévka – Potato soup seasoned with marjoram, pepper, and/or caraway seeds. Yum!


This is arranged in categories such as Herbs or Legumes. It also includes categories such as Exotic or Pantry. Selecting Dairy gave me individual ingredients such as Cream Cheese, Creme Fraiche and Camel Milk. Clicking on an individual ingredient showed a description, history, flavor profile and recipes highlighting it.

And now I’m super curious about how to find camel milk.


The Reference section gives you an enormous library of food facts at your fingertips. Explore everything from food inventions to food quotes to information about coffee, tea, wine and beer. And, of course, lots and lots of recipes. There’s also a super useful conversion section that has a calculator for measurements.

Be prepared to lose hours of time once you start exploring a topic!

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