1. Library use of the meeting rooms takes precedence over all other uses. The library reserves the right to change meeting rooms or cancel use of meeting rooms by an outside individual, group or organization if the Director or Board of Trustees determines the space is needed for library purposes.
  2. Requests must be submitted at least 24 hours in advance for approval and confirmation.
  3. The library requests at least 24 hour notification in the event of a meeting cancellation.
  4. Meeting rooms are available only during public service hours and must be vacated 15 minutes before closing. A representative from the group must sign in at the circulation desk prior to occupying the room. The meeting rooms cannot be occupied prior to or after the specified time without prior approval.
  5. Staff only areas are considered off limits to all meeting room guests.
  6. Users of the meeting rooms are permitted to post signs on library bulletin boards or distribute materials within the meeting rooms only during the meeting. Distribution or posting of signage or materials in the main area, sidewalk, marquees, or parking lot of the library is not permitted.
  7. By requesting to use a library meeting room, the user of the meeting room acknowledges their willingness to be addressed at some time during its meeting by a library staff member.
  8. Meeting room capacities as listed on the Request for Use of Meeting Room form must not be exceeded.
  9. Tables and chairs may be available and the user may arrange to bring their own equipment and/or supplies with prior notification on the application. The library is not responsible for equipment, supplies, or any other materials owned by the user.
  10. The room must be returned to its original condition. If professional cleaning is required, charges will be passed on to the responsible user. Scotch tape, tacks, and other fasteners may not be used on library walls or equipment. If the room or equipment is damaged, the repair or replacement cost will be paid by the responsible user.
  11. Library staff are not permitted to receive materials sent by or to people using the meeting room. In addition, library staff are not permitted to take telephone messages for guests attending meetings.
  12. The library cannot store equipment and/or supplies, personal or otherwise, for any non library meeting room function.
  13. Light refreshments may be brought into library meeting rooms. The user serving them will be responsible for any clean up following the meeting.
  14. Open fire (candles, Sterno, etc.) and/or cooking are not permitted in the meeting rooms.
  15. Alcoholic beverages or drugs of any type may not be brought into, served, or consumed on the library’s premises. Smoking on library premises is not permitted.
  16. Concealed weapons or any other dangerous ordnance of any kind are not permitted anywhere in the library unless the owner of the weapon or other dangerous ordnance is a law enforcement officer.
  17. Accidents must be reported to the staff member in charge who will report the incident according to library procedures.
  18. The library provides meeting rooms for the public to use as long as the gathering does not disturb other library activities or patrons.
  19. Except as a designation of location, the name and contact information of the library may not be used in any publicity for the meeting. Use of the meeting room does not mean the library endorses the purposes and policies of the user utilizing its meeting rooms. The user will not imply that the library is a sponsor of the meeting in publicity or during the meeting.