Podcast: Science fair is great for kids to gain confidence & knowledge

Podcast: Science fair is great for kids to gain confidence & knowledge

Welcome to a special episode of the Booklovers Podcast. Andrea and I speak about the upcoming inaugural Clermont County Public Library Science Fair. We find out all of the details from Cara from the Amelia Branch Library, Kristine from the New Richmond Branch Library, and Margaret from the Union Township Branch Library.


Details about registering are here. The last day to register to participate is January 12, 2019.

Science Fair Resources


Science Buddies: Great place to start!

Library Databases

Explora: Supports both student research and classroom instruction with rich, reliable content.

Kids Infobits : A great resource for young children that includes books, pictures, magazines, and news articles; provides images alongside text for ease of searching.

Science in Context: Provides contextual information on hundreds of today’s most significant science topics.

Science Reference Center: Topics covered include biology, chemistry, earth science, environmental science, science as inquiry and more

World Book Online Reference Center: Online version of the World Book Encyclopedia.


Participating in our Science Fair is a great way for your kids to strengthen their STEAM skills!

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