Poetry Reading at the Library’s Writers and You

Poetry Reading at the Library’s Writers and You

The Miami Township Branch of Clermont County Public Library’s Poetry Reading at the Library event, now in its fourth year, is a National Poetry Month program designed for those ages 18 and up who enjoy spoken word in its many forms: poetry, floetry, monologue, essay, short story, song, or raps/riffs/rhymes.

This year’s event is special for many reasons, such as it will be the first held in the shiny new branch, having opened a mere three weeks prior. Also it marks the triumphant return to the Miami Township podium, after nearly three years, of Cincinnati favorites Mark Flanigan and Nathan Singer, as well as the library debuts of talented local writers Juanita Mays and Francis Pospisil (more about these four in a moment).

There will also be an open mic component to the reading, allowing attendees to speak their own work if so inclined. Listen and read, indeed! So who are these folks to whom we will be listening?

The Poets

Michael-MorrisMark Flanigan is a poet, performer, columnist, fiction writer and screenwriter. After an 11-year run, his “Exiled” column is now archived at semantikon.com and citybeat.com, while a compilation, Exiled on Main Street: Dispatches, Diatribes, Stories and More from the Urban Core is forthcoming. Previously, his volume of poetry, Journeyman’s Lament, appeared in the Aurore Press publication, Versus, and his free e-book, Minute Poems, is available online from Three Fools Press. In January 2014, Flanigan co-founded an open/feature reading, Word of Mouth Cincinnati which takes place on the last Tuesday of each month at MOTR Pub, and in November 2015 his poem “The Bell Ringer’s Song” won the grand prize in the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra’s One City, One Symphony Poetry Contest. In April 2016, Mark was named one of three finalists for Cincinnati Poet Laureate.


Dexter WolfeJuanita Mays is an artist/poet of Appalachian heritage and a native of Scioto County, Ohio. She has resided in Milford and Clermont County for years, and belongs to the Ohio Poetry Association (OPA) and the Phoenix Writers’ (PW) Group. Ms. Mays has won numerous awards and has been published in a variety of literary journals including: OPA Anthology Everything Stops and Listens, National Federation of Poets’ Encore, Kentucky Poetry Society’s Pegasus, Quarried: Three Decades of Pine Mountain Sand & Gravel Literary Journal, and For A Better World: The Annual Book of Poems and Drawings on Peace and Justice (3 issues). Mays has conducted numerous workshops and play-shops for children and adults, and has self-published two chapbooks: Dog Dreams by the Fire and Layers. Mays and her daughter, Lillie Ann Teeters, also co-authored Pickles, Prozac and Watermelon Ice Cream.


Sean FosterFrancis Pospisil was born in 1969. He claims his earliest childhood memory is watching the Watergate trials. In the nineties he fronted the punk band Gongkicker and has been an active member of the DIY music scene ever since. In 1995 he composed the pamphlet Organic Gardening: A DIY Guide for Punx, bootlegged to this day. He is responsible for the fanzines Hopewell and Torn and Frayed. Since 2002 he has self published over a dozen chapbooks of poetry. Last year his story “The Stewart Sandwich Machine” was published in the Aurore Press anthology Houpe de Ville. He currently writes for the blog/fanzine Women in Rock which released its fifth issue in February 2018. He sings and plays guitar for The Virginia Creepers with his partner Roxie and their friends. You can catch him performing poetry at Word of Mouth, Inkwell and other venues. His newest chapbook will be available at the reading.


Mary Jo McClainDr. Nathan Singer is a novelist, playwright, composer, and experimental performing artist. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Theater from Northern Kentucky University, a Master’s in Creative Writing from Antioch University, and a PhD in Interdisciplinary Humanities with a creative writing focus from Union Institute & University. He currently teaches writing at Antioch University, UC, NKU and Cincinnati State College. He has been published in various literary journals, and performs both as a solo artist and with various ensembles, particularly with avant-garde performance collective Performance Gallery. He is also the lead vocalist and guitarist for award-winning “ultra-blues” band The Whiskey Shambles. His published novels are the controversial and critically-acclaimed A Prayer for Dawn, Chasing the Wolf, In the Light of You, The Song in the Squall, Transorbital and Blackchurch Furnace. He currently lives in Cincinnati where he is working on a multitude of new projects.

Event Details

Bring yourself and your writings if you wanna share (rated PG-13 or cleaner) to the Miami Township Branch Library on Tuesday and celebrate National Poetry Month with us! Full details here.

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