Stress Relief @ Your Library

Stress Relief @ Your Library

stressWe all experience stress; it’s a natural reaction to a high pressure situation – your natural instinct for self preservation kicking in. Survival instinct is a great thing to have but too much stress or being under stress too often is bad for your health.In a national poll done by National Public Radio, 1 out every 4 Americans said they were under a lot of stress the previous month. That’s a lot of tension!

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, chronic stress can affect your immunity and your digestive system.  It can even shrink your brain!

Nobody needs a shrunken brain! We have ways to help you learn to let go and relax.

Read for Stress Relief

Books: One of the easiest ways to unwind, is to take a few moments for yourself. Read.  No matter how busy you are, how over-committed your schedule is, make time to read. Pick up something fun. Indulge in a guilty pleasure like the latest romance or Vogue. We have lots of books and magazines on our shelves just waiting for you to curl up with.

How to Read More

eBooks: If you’d rather no one saw you checking out the latest issue of OK! Magazine or the new Nora Roberts, no worries. Do it online.  What can be easier than checking out a book or magazine while you’re in your pajamas? The bonus is there’s nothing to return and no overdue fines.

Apply for an eCard

Not sure what to read? Ask us! In person or online, we’re always happy to give suggestions.

colour-pencils-450621_1280Doodles as Stress Relief

I’ve seen a lot written lately about the therapeutic qualities of coloring or doodling. Concentrating on color and form and staying inside the lines can certainly be relaxing if nothing else. Take a look at a Zentangle book which explains what to do and how to get started.

Print one of these free coloring pages, get out your crayons, colored pencils, or markers and get started!

Yoga @ Your Library

One way to combat stress is gentle exercise. Yoga can be the perfect solution. We have several yogaintroductory yoga classes being offered at our branches. You can learn chair yoga that you can do at work or gentle yoga – perfect for the non-limber among us. Check our calendar to find a class convenient for your schedule.

If you’re not able to join one of our classes, we have books and DVDs that will walk you through beginning yoga.

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NIMH’s other suggestions for alleviating stress.



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