Join a nationwide reading experience at the Clermont Library

The Clermont County Public Library will offer unlimited ebook copies of “After the Flood” by Kassandra Montag. “After the Flood” is the first selection of the Libraries Transform Book Pick digital reading program, which offers access to the same book at the same time through public libraries. “After the Flood” will be available for download […]

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Library eBooks

Let’s say I want to read Bieber Fever, by Katy Sprinkel.  I click on the book in the CCPL catalog, am directed to the Freading site, and in less than a minute, I’m savoring Bieber Fever with the appreciation it deserves.  Once you get the hang of it, downloading Library eBooks is quite easy.  In […]


Philip K. Dick: Writings and Movies

Philip K. Dick (often abbreviated PKD) was groundbreaking. His writings were visionary and frequently prescient. His protagonists were usually normal people, working in business or repairing appliances. They weren’t superheroes and often existed in environments atypical for science fiction. He dealt with philosophical, sociological, political, and metaphysical themes using comprehensible language. PKD fundamentally changed SF. He […]


9 Ways to Fit More Reading Into Your Day

Want to increase your reading time? We all have hectic lives but even the busiest of schedules allows for time with a book. You can have more reading; you just need to know where to squeeze in that time. According to PEW Internet Research, almost 25% of Americans didn’t read a single book last year. […]


Six Snowy Books for a Winter’s Night

Fan of winter? Wishing for more snow? Read one of these books. Keep in mind that snow isn’t always the frosty white stuff! Boy, Snow, Bird by Helen Oyeyemi. From the prizewinning author of Mr. Fox, the Snow White fairy tale brilliantly recast as a story of family secrets, race, beauty, and vanity. In the […]


5 Great Books to Read in Translation

Ready to expand your reading  horizons? For a different perspective, read a book originally published in a language other than English. Translators are definitely unsung heroes in the publishing world. Getting the tone and feel  just right when translating an author's words is an artform. These authors and translators hit the mark. Suggested Books in [...]
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If on a Winter’s Night, You Need to Read

Snow days are perfect for curling up with a mug of the hot beverage of your choice and a good book. You need something captivating and engrossing to snuggle up with on a winter’s night and we’ve got 9 fantastic suggestions. Us by David Nicholls.  Us is the story of a man trying to rescue […]


Enjoy 1 of these 5 warm books on a cold day

When it’s wintery out, there’s nothing better than getting cozy with a book. Especially when your book is full of warm and  sunny or even sandy descriptions.   Snow reads are the new beach reads! If you’re stuck inside because of cold and snow, cuddle up with warm books. Let those desert descriptions of sand [...]